Road Traffic Policing Unit

Here you will find information on the careers that are available within the UK Police Service.

The Police Traffic Department is not only concerned with catching speeding motorists, but also play an important role in every aspect of road traffic safety. Traffic Officers deal with a variety of incidents such as vehicle crashes, pedestrians injured by vehicles, checking the safety standards of cars and lorries on the road, escorting abnormal loads, pursuing suspect motor vehicles and road safety education.

All road policing officers are police officers before they become part of the Road Policing Unit. These keen officers are professionals who work across the force area and are not bound to any geographic areas although each Road Policing crew is based in a territorial Area Command.

Sergeants will brief the officers to area issues and problems that they have to give attention to. These issues are diverse, possibly needing their expertise as road policing officers with detailed knowledge of traffic law, or their ability as highly trained drivers to ensure the safe stopping of suspected criminals, or to prevent motorists driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Road policing officers will pay particular attention to specific areas at certain time of the year with the aim to reduce casualties.

To apply for a post as in the Police Traffic Department you must have completed your 2-year probationary period and proved yourself to be a competent police officer and must have passed your basic police driving course.

For information on how to apply for the Road Traffic Policing Unit, please read the above.

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