Police Legislation

This section details various Acts, and offences and common laws that are commonly used by Police officers.

The Police Legislation is updated frequently to keep you informed with the new laws in the UK.

Police Information aim is to raise awareness of the range of health and safety legislation that applies to workplaces in Great Britain. It has been created to:

  • help users discover specific legislation that applies to their industry.
  • explain how to trace and obtain Acts and regulations.
  • provide links to organisations that can offer advice and guidance on legislation

The resources below is to provide a quick and easy point of reference for police practitioners who want to find out about the legislation.

A Selection of important UK Acts and Information

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In the News
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Warwickshire PCC says being over cautious with the budget has led to too many officer vacancies.
'Overtime crackdown harder due to cuts' 07:00, 26th November GMT
Former chief constable says that Labour rule was 'golden era' for officers as party details part of its plans for saving money and preserving officer numbers.
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National research map documenting what works in crime reduction will be crucial in shaping local and national decisions over policing.
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A key figure in the press departments of Essex and Suffolk Police is remembered for his "professionalism, sound judgement, enthusiasm and laughter".
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A plaque and photograph is unveiled honouring WPC Bertha Gleghorn who died in service during WWII.
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Chief constable says that crime stats show Police Scotland is delivering for the people.
Police officer under investigation for 'photographing Dale Cregan' 13:00, 25th November GMT
Killer of PCs Nicola Hughes and Fiona Bone was being escorted by police to a pre-planned hospital visit when incident happened.
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Association president says force can't stay the same in cuts - but highlights savings measures which have drawn ire of politicians anyway.
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Shadow Home Secretary detailed savings plans in review of public spending.