Blackstone's Police Manuals

The Blackstone's policing titles cover all aspects of police law. However, Blackstone's also produce several titles that are specifically designed to provide assistance with career progression. In some cases these titles are recognised as essential and required reading to successfully undertake promotion to Sergeant and Inspector.

Blackstone's police manuals will be well known to any person undertaking promotional exams. They are broken down into four component parts: crime, evidence and procedure, road policing, and general police duties. There are also corresponding Q&A books to supplement the manuals.

Below are the Blackstone's books and other relevant promotional titles.

These books have been arranged to follow the stages of the probationer constable training syllabus, police recruitment procedures, police promotion guidelines as well as the up to date information on policing, and attention has been paid to the context in which the law is applied.

All the police books selection aims to provide a comprehensive but highly readable overview of policing in the UK.

Book Title

Book Review


Crime Scene Management Crime Scene Management is a practical book deals with the subject of crime scene management and evidence recovery, offering step-by-step guidance on the techniques involved alongside clear scientific explanations for the non-specialist.
Effective Prosecution Working In Partnership with the CPS Effective Prosecution is a timely response to recent major changes within the Criminal Justice System which require the police and the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) to work together, taking a 'joint prosecution team approach'.
Blackstone's Guide to the Terrorism Act 2006 This new Blackstone's Guide offers comprehensive coverage on the new Act, whilst also placing it in the context of what has gone before.  
Blackstone's Practical Policing - Going to Court The only guide to court practice and procedure written specifically for police officers Explains the different features and processes of the Magistrates' Court, the Crown Court, the Youth Court and the Coroner's Court.
Blackstone's Handbook for the Special Constabulary Blackstone's Handbook for the Special Constabulary is the only dedicated, up-to-date publication aimed at Specials.
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