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This section covers all aspects of police jobs and vacancies. Police recruitment, police transfers during your police career and then on to jobs for ex police officers once you leave the service; it is all catered for here.

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Before You Join

Police Recruitment Information

During Your Police Career (for police transfer opportunities)

Go to Police Vacancies and select ‘Police (SERVING)’ as the Job Type.

After Leaving the Police

Go to Police Vacancies and select ‘Police (EX) – Re-Employment’ as the Job Type if you want to work back in a police force. If you do not wish to continue working for the police, simply pick the job type you would be interested in. here are hundreds of employers out there looking to recruit ex police officers.

A Police Career

Being a Police Officer is not always easy, and can be a very challenging task. But it is very varied and extremely rewarding.

If you have always thought about joining the Police Service but you were not sure how to go about it, Police Information can help guide you through the application and recruitment process.

Whether you are a serving or retired police officer, community support officer, special constable, police & criminal justice support worker, someone who works in the security industry, or an individual interested in reading information concerning policing, security and the police employment sector, Police Vacancies has a number of options for you!

Police Information is the most effective way for you to find the police job that will suit you. Police Information (via its sister site Police Vacancies) carries advertisements for all types of police jobs, from police forces looking to recruit Police Officers or Police Community Support Officers, to forces looking for police and staff transferees at various ranks and for diverse rolls, to many specialist employers looking to employ staff with policing experience once they have left the Service. If you are one of these police forces or employers looking to attract the right staff…

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In the News
Risks to officers named in lost discs 'assessed' 16:18, 29th January GMT
Steps have been taken to ensure that police named in lost documents are not at risk of attack, government says.
Police rape investigators given new guidance on consent 12:34, 29th January GMT
Alleged perpetrators should be challenged to state what steps they took to be sure consent had been fully and freely given.
Custody volunteers recognised for long service 15:36, 29th January GMT
Independent volunteers check on the welfare of people in police custody.
Officer, do you have time to read this? 08:40, 29th January GMT
Royston Martis gives his view on the latest analysis of police demand, because recorded crime IS down after all...
Complex nature of human trafficking shown in documentary 17:30, 28th January GMT
Bedfordshire Police hope that the latest episode of 24 Hours in Custody showed the public how to spot the signs of enforced labour.
Learning series: How to investigate an aggravated burglary - Part 3 09:01, 29th January GMT
In the third of a five part learning series, Paul Cooper examines identifying suspects, search warrants and arrest strategy, home arrest searches, continuity of evidence, PACE detention and warrants of further detention.
Home Office earmarks £10 million for policing research 06:00, 29th January GMT
Theresa May says funds will go towards trying to understand why people commit crimes and why crime is falling.
'I've witnessed the worst and best of humanity' 07:00, 29th January GMT
Tomorrow (January 30) Terry Spence QPM will retire from policing after 40 years, stepping down as chairman of the Police Federation for Northern Ireland. Here he reflects on his service, much of which was during a turbulent time.
Seven new forces want direct entry superintendents 06:00, 29th January GMT
On the day that those already hired as part of controversial scheme go out on patrol for the first time, several new forces will be open for applications.
Family lose legal bid to sue police 06:00, 29th January GMT
Mother of woman killed by ex-partner wanted damages to provide for children who were in house when murder happened.