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Since our last newsletter, the Home Secretary has agreed to the 3% rise in police pay but not without conditions. There will be some 'modernising' in determining pay, along with a review of the 'police pay negotiating machinery'. You'll be able to read the Home Office recommendations along with the Police Federation reply by following the link in the Main News Story.

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Pay Ratified - With Conditions!

The Home Secretary has said 'Effective pay arrangements for police officers are essential for a modern police service which delivers high standards of community safety and security to the public.' 

To read the full release click here

Police Forum Discussion
 Initiates Petition

And on a lighter note.....
Police Sue Gym Teacher
Police Hunt Granny Suspects

Kidnapper Shoots Own Testicle

Police Forum Discussion Initiates Petition
Reid Shifts 440 Officers To Target Immigrants
Met Police Recruitment Open Day

Britons Face Firing Squad In Heroin Trial

Legal Knowledge Limiting Your Career?

Police Chiefs To Debate Drugs Fight

DNA May Solve Killing That Shamed Met

Lancashire PC Sentenced 12 Months

Fall In Deported Asylum Seekers

Roadside Fingerprint Reader Piloted

£50,000 Reward Offered

Action Urged Over Violence To Women

Scientologists Woo City Police

Former Home Office Employee Jailed

Ex-Spy Contact 'In Hiding'

SFO Closes In On British Arms Company

Terrorism & Crime Dominate Queen's Speech

Heroin On NHS Plea By Police Chief

Paedophile Check On Partners Offered

Man Jailed Over Web Rage Attack

Mother And Two Children Die In 'Blaze Suicide'

Child Alcohol Abuse Figures Rise

Website Names 'Missing' Paedophiles

62 Years For Cocaine Smugglers
Met Police Recruitment Open Day

Met Police have issued an open invitation to experienced officers to join them at the open day on 25th November 2006.

Click here for further details:
Met Police Recruitment Open Day

Police personnel are being actively recruited to take part in Open University Law courses. 
The OU asks the following:

‘Is your career being limited by your legal knowledge? Study an introductory Law course or a
full degree at The Open University and make a case for promotion’.

Once you have looked at the prospectus, speak to your personnel department or line manager
 for Force assistance in funding the course.

Click here for your free prospectus  

Click here for further background information

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Trainers - CBRN - SW
Transferees - Constables - Met

Sergeants (Transferees) - Met

Detective Constables - Met

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Crisis & Security Manager - I'ntl

Technical Officer  - N
Drug & Alcohol Collection Officer - S
Analyst - S

Intelligence Analyst Major Crime - S

Project Manager - S

Call Handler - N

Consultants - Nationwide

Qualified Police Trainer - Caribbean

Control Room Operator - S

Office/Website Administrator - S

Sales - Digital Wireless Technology - S

Training Development Officer - S

Trainer - Money Laundering - S

Intelligence Analysts - Nationwide

Enquiry Officer - S

Lost Property Officer - S

Police Website Content Manager - S
Intelligence Analysts - Nationwide
Loss Prevention Officers - Various Loc

Close Protection Officers - Middle East

Sales Area Managers - Mids

Operational Intelligence Officers - Nat

Event Co-ordinator Instructor - S

Control Room Manager - S

Personal Assistant - International

Security Manager - Moscow

Immersive Learning Suite Developer - S

Immersive Learning Suite Manager - Cent

Loss Prention Officer - Cent

SIA Licenced Security Officers - S

Security Officers - S

Securitty Officers - SE

Trading Standards Officer - S

Claims Investigators - Nat

Group Security Manager - S

Crime Reduction Officer - S

Deputy Security Systems Manager - S

Incident Handlers - S

Service Supervisor - Security Systems - S

Field Sales Agent - S

Field Sales Agents - S

Area Manager - SW

Operational Security Supervisor - Kuwait
Security Trainer - Kuwait

RLC Territorial Army
Security & Surveillance - SE
Territorial Soldier or Officers

Security Sales Advisor - Nat

Prisoner Custody Officer - SE
Team Analyst - S

Security Consultant - China

CCTV Licenced Control Room Officers - S

SIA Licenced Security Officers - NW

SIA Licenced Security Officers - S

Interviewer - NE

Claims Investigators - Various

Investigator - S

Performance Analyst - S

Procurement Officers - NW
Crime Reduction Officer - N
Security & Investigation Officer - Mids

Security & Investigation Officer - Mids

Business Development Manager - S

SIA Licensed CCTV Operators - Vaious

Strategic Project Manager - Lebanon
Operations Support and Planning Officer - S
CCTV Operator - S

Health & Safety Trainer/Advisor - S

Corporate Investigator - S

A1 Assessor - Nationwide
Civilian Enforcement Officer - Var
Technical Support - S

Security Officers - SW

Project Security Manager - Nigeria
Sales Specialist - Nat
IPLDP Trainer - W

PCSO Trainer - W
Computer Forensic Investigator - S
CMU Administrator - S

Major Crime Investigator - SW
Security Officers - S
Security Officers - SW

Deputy Systems Security Manager - S

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