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Since our last newsletter, the Police Federation welcomes the decision of the independent Police Arbitration Tribunal which has now been passed on to the home secretary, John Reid, for his ratification.

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Pay Crisis Arbitration Decision

Jan Berry, chairman of the Staff Side of the Police Negotiating Board (PNB), says: 'This decision is welcomed by 170,000 police officers throughout the United Kingdom who should have received an increase from 1st September but have been waiting for their pay arrangement to be honoured.'

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Muslim Pc In Race Claim Against Met

And on a lighter note.....
Police Seize Toilet Art
Hackers Tell Drivers Where To Go

Muslim Pc In Race Claim Against Met
2007 International Policing Exhibition

Force Statement Following Panorama

IPCC Report On Police Contact Deaths

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Pair Charged Over 'Bomb Plot' Freed

Mobile Phone Crime Down In The Capital

Man Shot By Menezes Marksman Named

Briton 'Plotted To Kill Thousands'

New Initiative To Curb Underage Drinking

Child Killer & Paedophile Allowed To Roam

Three Found Guilty Of Kriss Murder
Criminal Justice 'Chaos' - Falconer
Four Cannabis Factories Uncovered In Luton

Staffs Seize 2m Of Heroin

Gang Sentenced For Trafficking Women

Rape Sentence Increased After Appeal

Online Bank Fraud Up By 55%

Gascoigne Held In Nightclub Assault

5,000 Reward To Trace Murderer

Cameron Wants 'Tough Love' For Yobs

Fathers Who Kill Their Children

House Raided After Pair Set Alight

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Muslim PC Taken Off Blair Guard Duties
Claims Discrimination

Transferees - Detective Constables - Met
Transferee Constables - Met

Transferees - Sergeants - Met

Crime Scene Examiner - N

  *This weeks featured job*  

Trainers - CBRN - SW with Travel

Loss Prention Officer - Cent
SIA Licenced Security Officers - S

Security Officers - S

Securitty Officers - SE

Trading Standards Officer - S

Claims Investigators - Nat

Group Security Manager - S

Crime Reduction Officer - S

Deputy Security Systems Manager - S

Incident Handlers - S

Service Supervisor - Security Systems - S

Field Sales Agent - S

Field Sales Agents - S

Area Manager - SW

Security Specialist Integrated Security Sys

Investigator - NW

Vetting Officer - S
Security Officer - S
Investigator - NW

Audit Manager, Senior IT Auditor - S

Service Desk Analyst - S
Senior Service Desk Analyst - S
Intelligence Analyst - S

Configuration Manager - S

Major Crime Analyst - S

Systems Operators - S
Security Specialist - S
Director Corporate Security - Europe

Technical Support - S

Security Officers - SW

Project Security Manager - Nigeria
Sales Specialist - Nat
IPLDP Trainer - W

PCSO Trainer - W
Computer Forensic Investigator - S
CMU Administrator - S

Major Crime Investigator - SW
Security Officers - S
Security Officers - SW

Deputy Systems Security Manager - S

Business Continuity & Risk Manager - S

Intelligence Development Officer - S
Project Manager - S
Experienced HGV Fitter - W

Operational Security Supervisor - Kuwait
Security Trainer - Kuwait

Discipline Case Worker - Scotland

Commercial Vehicle Technician - S

Ex-Police Officers Required - S

Front Desk Assistant - S

Custody Officer - N

Desk Assistant - S

Control Room Operator - N

SIA Trainers - Nat
Vulnerable Witness Officer - S
Investigators - Nat

PCSO Trainer - S

CCTV Operators - S

Traffic and Travel Surveyor - S

Installation / Maintenance Engineer - NW

Service Engineer - S

RLC Territorial Army

Security & Surveillance - SE
Territorial Soldier or Officers

Security Sales Advisor - Nat

Prisoner Custody Officer - SE
Team Analyst - S

Security Consultant - China

CCTV Licenced Control Room Officers - S

SIA Licenced Security Officers - NW

SIA Licenced Security Officers - S

Interviewer - NE

Claims Investigators - Various

Investigator - S

Performance Analyst - S

Procurement Officers - NW
Crime Reduction Officer - N
Security & Investigation Officer - Mids

Security & Investigation Officer - Mids

Business Development Manager - S

SIA Licensed CCTV Operators - Vaious

Strategic Project Manager - Lebanon
Operations Support and Planning Officer - S
CCTV Operator - S

Health & Safety Trainer/Advisor - S

Corporate Investigator - S

A1 Assessor - Nationwide
Civilian Enforcement Officer - Var

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