How To Become PCSO?

Are you interested to Become a PCSO? Then look no further. This How To Become A PCSO Manual contains Clear Instructions and Tips on how to become a PCSO. The Manual is crammed full of insider tips and advice brought to you by current serving PCSOs.

This unique guide is regularly updated and you will find it an exceptional tool for helping you pass the PCSO selection process.

Topics and Information covered in the How to Become a PCSO Manual:

What is a PCSO?
Why Become A PCSO?
Your PCSO Probationary Training?
Community Policing
PCSO Promotion and PCSO Ranks
PCSO Pension Scheme, PCSO Salary and PCSO Benefits.


How to complete the PCSO Application Form?
Sample of the PCSO Application Form
Actual Guide for the PCSO Interview Questions
on how to answer the PCSO Interview Questions.
Sample of PCSO Role Play Exercises
How to pass the PCSO Role Play Exercises?
The Top 10 insider Tips and Advice
and Guide on how to avoid failing each stage
The criteria for Joining the PCSO.
How to prepare for the PCSO Assessment Centre?
English and Numeric Questions
How to pass the PCSO Physical Tests
Understanding Equality and Fairness
Where and How to apply to Become a PCSO?
Useful Aids for Practicing
UK PCSO Contact Details


Frequently Asked Questions
Crime and Reduction Partnerships
Tackling Anti Social Behaviour
Alcohol Disorder
Neighbourhood Wardens



The 'How To Get PCSO Fit' Pages have been specially designed to show you how to become as fit as the UK's PCSO.

This essential manual, which is included free of charge within the 'How To Become A PCSO' cd-rom will show you how to workouts in order to maximise your potential and pass the PCSO Fitness Tests. Within this guide there is something for everyone
and you don't need to be a member of a gym to follow it.

Get PCSO Fit now and Pass those PCSO Physical Tests!!


How To Become A PCSO
Officer Manual



How To Get PCSO Fit


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