how2become a UK Police Officer

A guide to becoming a police officer

If you want to know how to become a Police Officer in the UK then you have certainly come to the right place. We have help for every single step of the way. Just follow our simple guide and you will have the best chance of joining a highly sought after career.

Everything you need to be successful

Step 1

Complete the Competency Based Application Form.

The first and possibly the most important step is to complete the application form. This is typically done online. The form is a priority and ensures that you match the core competencies for the role and are ready for assessment.

Completing the application form

Stumbling at this first hurdle because of one little mistake could cost you. Our educational DVD will ensure you tick all the boxes.

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Step 2

Attend the National Police Officer Assessment Centre

After successfull submission and passing of the application form you will be invited to attend the assessment centre. The assessment typically takes four hours and you will be assessed on the following criteria:

  1. Competency based interview

  2. Two written exams

  3. Four interactive role-plays or assignments

  4. The Police Initial Recruitment Text (PIRT)
    (Verbal, logical and numerical reasoning)

To pass the National Assessment Center you need to achieve an overall score of 55%.
(NB. You will be assessed against the core competencies during your time at the centre).

Step 3

Full vetting checks and potential final interview

The Police Force that you have applied to will now perform a number of vetting checks to make sure that you meet the miniumum requirements for becoming a police officer.

In addition to this, some UK Police Forces require applicants to sit a final interview.
(seperate from the competency bases interview at the assessment center).

Step 4 - Step 5

Medical Fitness assessments

The final stages of your selection involve a medical and fitness test. The fitness test comprises of two elements; a dynamic strength test and an edurance fitness test (sometimes reffered to as the bleep test).

Many applicants find it difficult to maintain an excercise regeime that works for them. We provide many resources that will help you with the bleep test and improving your physical abilities.

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