how2become a UK Police Officer

Want to be a UK Police Officer?

Want to join the police force? The 'How to become a UK Police Officer' CD ROM is the most comprehensive product available to guide you through the UK Police Officer selection process and help you to secure this fantastic career at the first attempt.

Product Features

The first step on the road to success includes:

• The Top 10 Insider Tips and Advice
• How to pass the Police Officer selection process
• In depth knowledge to prepare you for your career
• Essential advice from serving Police Officers

The Selection Process

Stage 1 - Complete the Competency Based Application Form.

The first and possibly the most important step is to complete the application form. This is typically done online. The form is a priority and ensures that you match the core competencies for the role and are ready for assessment.

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How To Pass The Selection Process

The core competencies are fundamental requirements of the role. They identify how you should perform and are the cornerstone to your role as an officer. Ensure you read carefully as it is imperative that you understand them; they are the key to your success!

During the entire selection process you must focus on your core competencies, making sure that at every stage you demonstrate them.

While completing the application form, to give yourself the best chance, your answers should be based around these core competencies; the same applies to written tests, interviews and the role-play exercises. If you want to be effective in this, practice your responses to the application form and interview, using keywords and phrases from the core competencies. This method also helps when facing role-plays and written tests. Following the core competencies terminology (keywords and phrases) will give you better scores and the best chance.

It is a good idea to keep a copy of the core competencies with you when you are filling out the application form, as well as during your preparation for the assessment centre.

A broad range of required skills are covered by the core competencies. These include problem solving and equality, team working, equality and fairness; and customer focus, to name but a few.

This award-winning guide contains a wealth of information here's what is included:

1. Critical information on how you will be assessed during every step of the selection process.

2. Up-to-date sample application form questions and responses, as well as hints and tips to pass this stage of the process.

3. Information on how to pass the interactive exercises, Police initial Recritment Test (PIRT), the interviews and role plays. All presented step-by-step.

4. Examples of answers for each of the competency based interview questions.

5. INSIDER TIPS on how you should answer each of the interview questions, as well as how you will be scored on each of the elements of selection.

PLUS even more...

How to pass the selection process advice

Preparing for your career as a police officer in the UK

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