Police Equipment

Police equipment is a fundamental requirement of daily police life. The equipment you will find in our shop is some of the highest quality police supplies in the UK and indeed the world. It’s so popular, it is chosen by many individuals and forces as their kit of choice. Our range of police gear includes belt equipment such as holders, pouches and patrol belts as well as police clothing such as shirts, trousers, outer layers, base layers and boots. We also stock accessories such as handcuffs and keys, ASP batons and police torches.

A discussion of police equipment would be incomplete without talking about belt equipment. We stock a wide range including duty belts, torch holders and pouches, torch loops, notebook pouches, general purpose pouches and pen holders. You can also buy PWL (Price Western Leather) and ASP baton holders and scabbards, cuff holders and pouches, key holders and hooks including carabiners, radio pouches and mobile phone pouches. This is just a small sample of the police gear you can buy at our police store.

Other gear we stock includes handcuffs and handcuff keys. We supply brands such as ASP and ZT for handcuffs and we stock keys to fit ASP and Hiatt cuffs.

Other police equipment that you might consider includes ASP batons and ASP baton accessories. Legislation means that we can only supply batons to police or government agencies and quite rightly so as these items are prohibited. Our police store supplies batons ranging from 16 inches to 26 inches and ASP are renowned for manufacturing batons that are ‘virtually indestructible’. These batons have been tried and tested by elite police personnel and are a first choice for the most advanced police agencies.

One of the most popular police supplies that we sell is police torches. We offer a range of torches to suit all budgets. Torches are essential for police personnel, not only for lighting dim areas, but also for temporarily disorientating potential assailants by momentarily destroying their night adaptive vision. ASP torches are a superb new generation of torch and give an amazing brightness and a high quality build all within a compact design.

Other equipment worth mentioning is Surefire Torches, which are very popular and have higher output than a D cell. They come with tailcap controls, ideal for use with firearms. Other manufacturers that we supply include Gerber, Inova and Maglite.

Whilst not strictly police equipment, but nevertheless extremely useful for the police, is the range of Blackstones Police Manuals.

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