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This Police Information page will detail many of the training courses available for potential police officers, police probationary officers, and police officers of all ranks. This will include courses for specialist areas of police work.

The site will eventually include details of many higher education and University courses for police officers to be able to improve their level of knowledge and understanding of the complexities of policing.

The Police Information team has carefully chosen the training programs taht are designed to prepare you for UK Police Recruitment Model or for the promotion you have always wanted.

Our aim is to provide an extensive range of high quality training courses through our Quality Approved Centres, Universities and Training providers all approved under the Central Police Training and Development Authority.

If you have joined or are thinking of joining the Police to become a Police Officer, PCSO or Special Constable, then check out our recognised course providers who will help to ensure your success.

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In2Police Recruitment Training
This course is designed to help candidates pass the interview and assessment stages of the police recruitment process.
People applying to join the Police Service. The course includes role plays, problem solving, group discussions, structured interview skills and training.
How To Become A Police Officer
This guide provide career information that covers every aspect of the UK Police Officer selection process from completing the application form, including sample responses, through to role play exercises and actual interview questions!.
The 'How to become a UK Police Officer' CD Rom is the most comprehensive guide available! Full of insider tips and advice, and brought to you by current serving Police Officers, it will guide you through the UK Police Officer selection process and help you to secure this fantastic career at the first attempt!

Crystal Clear Audio Learning Ltd.

An audio learning course to help probationary constables in learning the legislation they need to know to pass the two year probationary period.
Probationer constables in England and Wales. The course includes guidance on PACE, Police Powers, common and statutory law including road traffic, offensive weapons, theft, public order, assaults and much more.


To assist you in your OSPRE PT1 preparation, test your knowledge with the questions provided.
Police-Training.co.uk is a unique online Police training service that provides a total learning environment for Probationers, Constables, Sergeants, Inspectors and Detectives on a 24/7 basis.

Check out our Police Study section to find out more.

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