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In the News
'Home Secretary must ensure unethical PCCs can be booted out' 16:13, 29th June GMT
Committee highlights lack of mechanisms for removing PCCs deemed not to have behaved ethically.
Funding partnership to target at risk children 05:00, 30th June GMT
Sporting activities will be used in several areas to engage young people at risk of crime.
Wannabe chiefs should have business experience 23:01, 29th June GMT
College of Policing review suggests senior leaders could work for the likes of B&Q in order to get experience.
A decade of Islamist terror 05:00, 30th June GMT
Andrew Staniforth says last week's attack in Tunisia could see a more sophisticated approach to counter-terrorism emerge.
Chief calls for radical drugs policy overhaul 05:00, 30th June GMT
Derbyshire Chief says current strategy for tackling drugs had failed.
Debating status of office of constable to be encouraged 23:01, 29th June GMT
College of Policing sees fewer ranks, with more reward, with more power for staff and specials as likely future.
Police support worker injured in Tunisia beach attack 11:50, 29th June GMT
Tony Callaghan tells of terror as police respond to latest attack.
Detectives discover their 'Holy Grail' 05:00, 30th June GMT
A religious relic believed to have healing properties has been found after it was stolen a year ago.
Former chief constable does have potential case to answer 10:21, 29th June GMT
IPCC report clears way for Patrick Geenty to retire despite potential misconduct.
G4S security guards granted limited police powers 05:00, 29th June GMT
The men will have the ability to obtain the name and addresses of people breaking the law.