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Specialist Police Functions  

SWAT Leadership and Tactical Planning 

Published by Paladin Press. Veteran SWAT cop Tony Jones lays out the essential elements of planning and carrying out tactical SWAT operations. Covers mission analysis, obstacle breaching, light-armored vehicle use, fire and maneuver, target recon, hostage/suspect/team considerations and more. 


SWAT Leadership and Tactical Planning.

Special Police Task Forces

Written by Octavio Diez.


The Role of Police Surgeons

Written by Graham Robertson.


The Role of Police Surgeons

Science Fact Files: Criminal Investigation

Written by Chris Woodford. The books in this series provide a range of up-to-date information, facts and figures on key scientific topics, and include history files, future files, test files and fact files. This volume deals with criminal investigation, and covers such topics as fingerprinting, pathology and reconstruction.


Protecting Intimidated Witnesses

Written by Nicholas R. Fyfe. A discussion of the growing problem of witness intimidation in Britain, and of the increasing role of witness protection. Drawing on the results of research from a project commissioned by the Scottish Executive to evaluate the Strathclyde Police Witness Protection Programme, this book provides a detailed examination of the problems of witness protection and a study of the operation and implications of a witness protection programme in Britain.


Protecting Intimidated Witnesses

Animals in the Police

Written by R. Sneddon. Part of the ANIMALS THAT HELP US series which looks at the way animals help us in the modern world, covering what work is involved, training required, the care animals need and why some breeds are more appropriate than others for certain roles. Suitable for the National Curriculum KS1/2.


Animals in the Police

Training Dogs

Written by Fred Mandilk and Marv Gangloff.. A comprehensive guide to the selection and training of dogs for tracking and protection work. The authors train dogs for 36 police departments in the USA and the emphasis is on humane methods based on a sound understanding of canine and human psychology.



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Special Police Functions

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