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 Officer Safety Training

Verbal Judo: The Gentle Art of Persuasion

Written by George J. Thompson. Improve communication, resolve conflicts, and avoid the most common conversational disasters through simple, easily remembered strategies that deflect and redirect negative behaviour.


£ 6.81

Verbal Judo

Far Beyond Defensive Tactics

Written by Loren W. Christensen. This book shows cops how to use proven defensive tactics to stay alive and uninjured, including how to disarm attackers, deal with drunk or drugged subjects, protect their guns, fend off multiple attackers and more. 

£ 14.51



A Professional's Guide to Ending Violence Quickly

Written by Marc MacYoung. People who deal with violence on a daily basis know that the best way to avoid getting injured or sued by the jerk who started the trouble is to defuse the situation or put him down fast and hard. Here Animal shows you how to do both.

£ 12.53

Ending Violence Quickly

Fit for Duty

Written by Robert Hoffman. Aimed at police officers and other emergency services personnel who face physically challenging and stressful situations on a daily basis. Addresses the physical demands of police work and shows readers how to develop a comprehensive programme to improve overall health and fitness. 

£ 13.99

Fit For Duty

Policedo: The Official Police Method of Arrest and Self-Defense

Written by Douglas W. Devlin. He has been a police officer and national use-of-force trainer since 1985. He has master level black belts in several disciples as well as being a world level kumite competitor. He holds a Bachelor of Arts, Master of Arts in Education and Doctorate of Applied Asian Arts Degrees.

£ 13.95


Surviving the Street.

This book is about staying alive on a job that includes endless possibilities for personal disaster. Written by a veteran street cop with over thirty-six years of law enforcement service, SURVIVING THE STREET is short on theory and long on the practicalities of how to come home intact at the end of a shift or a career.

£ 42.22

Surviving The Streets

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