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Blackstone's Criminal Practice 2007

Blackstone's Criminal Practice 2007 provides a single, well-referenced, and affordable volume of all the material that is truly essential to criminal practice in the magistrates' court and in the Crown Court.

Criminal Procedure Rules 2005 This book contains the full text of the Criminal Procedure Rules 2005, the Consolidated Criminal Practice Direction, and the Protocol for the Control and Management of Heavy Fraud and Other Complex Criminal Cases, providing a comprehensive collection of all relevant procedural materials.
Smith and Hogan Criminal Law Eleventh Edition

Smith & Hogan: Criminal Law is regarded as the leading doctrinal textbook on criminal law in England and Wales and has been for almost 40 years.

 The Investigation of Crime

This new third edition of the popular Bevan and Lidstone: The Investigation of Crime offers comprehensive guidance to police investigative powers.

PACE Explained

Written by Paul Osin. PACE, the Police and Criminal Evidence Act is essential to the police. The 1984 Act deals with the contacts between the police and public in the exercise of police powers to stop and search, and search premises. It also deals with the treatment, questioning and identification of suspects and the tape-recording of interviews.

The Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984

Written by Michael Zander QC. This third edition provides a guide to the law surrounding the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 as amended.

Policing Written by Alan Wright. This title provides an introduction to the role and function of the police and policing, examining the issues and debates that surround policing. It looks at core functions of the police, the ways in which police functions have developed, their key characteristics, and the changes they face.
Criminal Justice, Police Powers and Human Rights

Written by Keir Starmer, Michelle Strange and Quincy Whitaker. The Human Rights Act 1998 and R.I.P.A. came into force in October 2000, significantly altering the way in which police investigations are carried out. Any person working within the fields of criminal law, law enforcement or part of regulatory body must be informed of these expansive new regulations. This text aims to provide an authorative guide to both of these major acts. It offers a comprehensive analysis of Convention case law, covering all aspects of police powers and criminal law from the first stages of a criminal investigation to trial and appeal in the criminal courts. It also indicates how and when human rights issues will arise in criminal cases.


The Dictionary of Criminal Justice

Written by George Rush. This reference text brings together in one easy-to-use guide, more than 3600 definitions from the many disciplines that compose the field of criminal justice, including US and English common law, penology, psychology, law enforcement, political science and business administration.


An Introduction to Policing and Police Powers

Written by Leonard Jason-Lloyd. An introduction to policing and police powers, designed for the beginner who wants to study the subject up to degree level or the equivalent. It covers the policing and police powers aspects of LLB constitutional law and civil liberties, as well as for criminal justice courses at postgraduate as well as undergraduate level. Practitioners, whether or not in the legal profession should find that this book will give them a quick grasp of this subject area. The book adopts a "step-by-step" approach and endeavors to explain the issues clearly, assisted by flow charts and diagrams.


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