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The Beat Officer's Companion Written by Gordon Wilson, a former Warwickshire Superintendent. The original companion which is an excellent quick reference guide for English officers. The book is well presented and easily understood.
Beat Officer's Companion This guide is designed to aid the recall and interpretation of the growing amount of legislation on which UK police officers must base their decisions, this pocket-sized book is the leading practical guide for operational officers
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The Drug Officers Companion

Written by Paul Harper. An excellent quick reference guide for drug officers. The book is well presented and easily understood. 

The Traffic Officers Companion

Written by Gordon Wilson. An excellent quick reference guide for traffic officers. The book is well presented and easily understood.

Scottish Beat Officers Companion

Written by John Pilkington, a former Inspector with Strathclyde Police. An excellent quick reference guide for Scottish officers. The book is well laid out and easy to understand.

Custody Officer's Companion

Written by Stewart Calligan. Written for custodians from the Police, Military, private security firms & solicitors, this manual deals with detention, rights & entitlements, treatment of prisoners, questioning, review of detention, disposal & charging of prisoners, intimate searches & samples, fingerprints, DNA samples.   The new 3rd edition includes the latest Codes of Practice, legislation and procedure.

Preparing for Police Duty This is a new, second edition of the very successful Blackstone's Preparing for Police Duty, the invaluable introduction to the police service for new recruits or those considering a policing career.
Points To Prove

Written by Stewart Calligan. 

The seventy most common offences in lower courts explained as :-

- the points to prove each offence
- the meaning of each point (definition)
- how to prove each point
- any supporting evidence - e.g. case law,
legislation or procedure.

Essential for Police officers, Solicitors, Advocates, Military Police, private security companies etc.  


The Child Protection Investigator's Handbook

Written by Kevin Smith and published by the New Police Bookshop


The UK Police Pocket Guide

Written by Mike McBride.


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In the News
Special measures: justified or more 'collective smearing' of front-line ? 14:10, 1st July GMT
Former Met Special Branch officer Chris Hobbs gives his view of a new low point in the Met's long history.
Hampshire welcomes "demand on forces" to tackle PPDA 15:16, 1st July GMT
Hampshire Constabulary has welcomed yesterday's report and its recommendations into Police Perpetrated Domestic Abuse (PPDA).
Met PC sacked for turning 'blind eye' to criminal husband 09:26, 1st July GMT
Her husband was one of six people including two other Met officers sentenced last May following an investigation by the Met's Anti-Corruption Crime Command.
Planning permission green light for Hertfordshire HQ redevelopment 15:42, 30th June GMT
Planning permission has now be secured for the Constabulary's HQ in Welwyn Garden City.
Probationer jailed for misconduct in public office after pestering arrestee 13:25, 30th June GMT
PC Oliver Binns continued to try and contact woman despite being blocked by her.
"It needs to be easier for police victims to report DA", says review 12:50, 30th June GMT
A joint investigation released today by the College, HMICFRS and the IOPC has found the unique risks of being a police victim of domestic violence are not consistently taken into account.
National strategy needed to end mental health police ambulances 13:03, 30th June GMT
A national mental health strategy is needed to reduce demand on response teams, the Superintendents' leader has warned.
Police Scotland officers to withdraw 'goodwill' in pay row 16:30, 29th June GMT
General secretary of the Scottish Police Federation, Calum Steele, has said that the action will start at 5pm on Friday.
Don't put the Covenant in the 'too difficult box' Fed tells ministers 14:34, 30th June GMT
The new welfare programme for officers and their families must match up to ministers promises, the Fed has warned.
Parole hearings to be heard in public for the first time 06:59, 29th June GMT
Law changes made today will mean that victims, members of the public and the media will be able to ask for a parole hearing to be heard in public.