Police Auctions & Sales

If you are looking to buy cheap goods and items from police auctions, then look no further. Police and Government auctions are held all the time featuring cheap cars, jewellery, bikes, electrical equipment, mobile phones and a large number of other items that have been seized by the police, handed in by members of the public or left unclaimed in police stores.

Police auctions are usually conducted by official auction houses all around the UK. Forces use the police auction system to stop their property stores getting full. They will instruct an auction house which will sell the items on their behalf. The police do not want the items returned from the police auction, so very often articles can be bought at remarkably low prices.

The difficulty with police auctions is getting the information on what sales are taking place at which auction houses and what items are going to be for sale. Almost the only way to do this is to use the Police & Government Auctions List.

This list is professionally compiled and keeps those that receive it one step ahead of all those looking for bargains at police auctions.

As well as the primary route for police property disposal via ‘real world’ police auctions, some forces dispose of some or all of their property via eBay. The popularity of online auctions is rising at a dramatic rate, with one of the largest online auction areas being eBay police auctions. To visit this are, click ebay police auctions.

People go to police auctions for many reasons. Some are traders who recognise the low cost of items sold at a police auction and use them to source goods to sell on. More and more of those attending police auctions are private individuals who are either looking for bargains for themselves or are looking at making a profit by buying cheaply and then selling on via free local paper adverts or via eBay.

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