Police Legislation

This section details various Acts, and offences and common laws that are commonly used by Police officers.

The Police Legislation is updated frequently to keep you informed with the new laws in the UK.

Police Information aim is to raise awareness of the range of health and safety legislation that applies to workplaces in Great Britain. It has been created to:

  • help users discover specific legislation that applies to their industry.
  • explain how to trace and obtain Acts and regulations.
  • provide links to organisations that can offer advice and guidance on legislation

The resources below is to provide a quick and easy point of reference for police practitioners who want to find out about the legislation.

A Selection of important UK Acts and Information

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In the News
Investigations after men die following police detention 14:12, 5th May GMT
Devon and Cornwall and Police Scotland are now being investigated over the separate incidents.
Serving officer dies after battle with lung cancer 14:37, 5th May GMT
Inspector says officer was a "credit to himself and the job".
Bomb targeted police in Belfast 15:44, 5th May GMT
'Murderous' attempt to kill officers took place amid increased tension in the province.
Business insurance could aid cyber crime fight 07:39, 5th May GMT
Police give welcome to encouragement for firms to tackle online threats.
'Party politics can't deal with criminal justice issues' 08:00, 4th May GMT
Range of academics criticise how policing and justice has been addressed during election campaign.
Police 'failed to protect' woman murdered by ex-boyfriend 12:59, 1st May GMT
Guidelines around domestic abuse hindered police response, says IPCC.
Force's HQ site sold but neighbour's move undecided 05:00, 5th May GMT
The development of a Community Safety Hub in Cleveland is one step closer to completion.
Legal highs pose toxicological 'nightmare' 05:00, 5th May GMT
Top academic warns of new challenges for police and wider society because of growth in novel pharmacological substances.
Public misconduct hearings in effect 05:00, 1st May GMT
Legislation to reform the complaints system means cases will now be held in public unless "inappropriate" to do so.
Campaign ban mutes police tax vote momentum 05:00, 1st May GMT
PCC says funding for 235 officer posts depends on outcome of referendum - but he is not allowed to campaign.