Police Legislation

This section details various Acts, and offences and common laws that are commonly used by Police officers.

The Police Legislation is updated frequently to keep you informed with the new laws in the UK.

Police Information aim is to raise awareness of the range of health and safety legislation that applies to workplaces in Great Britain. It has been created to:

  • help users discover specific legislation that applies to their industry.
  • explain how to trace and obtain Acts and regulations.
  • provide links to organisations that can offer advice and guidance on legislation

The resources below is to provide a quick and easy point of reference for police practitioners who want to find out about the legislation.

A Selection of important UK Acts and Information

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In the News
Injured ex-sergeant recognised for assisting road crash victim 15:18, 3rd August GMT
Former officer managed scene of fatal incident.
Edward Heath 'CSE case drop' investigation launched 12:14, 3rd August GMT
Wiltshire Police at centre of new IPCC examination.
Former Met detective sergeant cleared of indecent assault 11:04, 3rd August GMT
Gurpal Virdi claims charges were part of on-going campaign to discredit him.
Call to 'save local policing' through tax increase rejected 05:00, 3rd August GMT
PCC says that his own research suggests odds of winning public support are not in PCSOs' favour.
Force will change 'inappropriate' misconduct hearing registration system 05:00, 3rd August GMT
Concerns raised over the message attendees received on registering to attend the public hearing.
PC Neil Doyle death trial verdict: wife and police colleagues react 15:20, 31st July GMT
Sarah Doyle says she will never forgive Andrew Taylor and Timmy Donovan, who were found guilty of manslaughter.
Senior officers 'exonerated' by PCCs could still face misconduct hearings 05:00, 3rd August GMT
Operation Kalmia is still ongoing, despite a number of PCCs announcing their chief has no case to answer.
Police cadets head to Scotland for equivalent of Olympics 14:26, 31st July GMT
Hundreds of teenagers representing volunteer cadet units attached to around 20 police forces descend on Scottish Policing College.
Fleet changes will help prevent wrong fuel being put into vehicles 05:00, 3rd August GMT
Figures have revealed that since 2008, Thames Valley Police has paid out £17,352.44 in repairs associated with fuel mistakes.
Call for increased police powers to ban protests 05:00, 3rd August GMT
West Yorkshire representative says cost of far right marches is excessive in times of austerity.