Scottish Police Service - Eligibility

Here you will find help to find out whether you are eligible to join the Scottish police service.

Scottish Police Sample Entrance Exam

There are three test papers which make up the Scottish Police Standard Entrance Test:

  • Language
  • Number handling
  • Information handling

Time allocated for each paper:
Candidates have 30 minutes to complete each papers.

In all there are 1h30mins of testing although the full session will take longer depending on the amount of time between papers and the administrative arrangements in the test centre.

There are two important criteria about the marking of the Standard Entrance Test:

Candidates must pass each paper:
The pass mark for each paper is deliberately set higher than 50%. Each paper test different skills, and each of them is required by new recruits. The skills which are being tested are important if candidates are going to benefit from their later training.

Candidates must pass each paper separately.

The marking for each paper is:

  • Language - marked out of 40 and candidates must score 30 to pass.
  • Number handling - marked out of 20 and candidates must score 13 to pass.
  • Information handling - marked out of 24 and candidates must score 16 to pass.

Sample questions and answers are available to download.

Information Handling

Download Sample Information Handling Questions  76 kb

Download Information Handling Answers  28 kb


Download Sample Language Questions  38 kb

Download Language Answers  22 kb

Numbers    ** Try the Online Sample Exam **

Download Sample Number Questions  29 kb

Download Number Answers  12 kb

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