How to join the Police

Here you will find information on how to join the UK Police Service.

Joining the UK Police Service has many benefits. With an attractive starting salary, professional training and many career opportunities, the Police Service offers a valuable and rewarding career.

Being a Police Officer is not always easy, and can be very challenging. If you have always though about joining the Police Service and were not sure how to go about it. Then here are Police Information we can help guide you through the application and recruitment process.

We provide information to assist you in making the application process easier to understand and you can even get the views of serving Police Officers by visiting our discussion forum. If the Police Service is the career for you then let Police Information help you to help yourself and make a successful career in the Police Service become reality.

Police Recruitment specialises in providing skilled staff to UK Police Forces, supplying experienced former police officers nationwide whether on a Part-time, Contract, Full-time or Permanent basis.

In the News
Inspirational officers and staff commended at annual awards ceremony 11:13, 9th February GMT
Home Secretary Theresa May presented the Outstanding Bravery award.
Special recognised after tackling sword-wielding suspect 17:21, 8th February GMT
Met special George Brown says incident made him rethink his career.
Police cells to be banned from being 'places of safety' for under 18s 06:00, 9th February GMT
Home Office announces adults suffering a mental health crisis will now only be taken to custody suites in 'exceptional circumstances'.
Panel rejects official complaint about PCC's redundancy payout 06:00, 9th February GMT
Winston Roddick accuses political foes of trying to persuade him to break the law after they said he should be his own chief exec.
Legislation will help police speed up deportation of criminals 15:05, 8th February GMT
Prime Minister outlined his plans for prison reform.
Officer accused of hoax 'kidnap plot' conspiracy denies charge 06:00, 9th February GMT
PC Amar Tasaddiq Hussain, from West Midlands Police, pleaded not guilty when he appeared in court.
David Cameron delivers major speech on prison reform 14:42, 8th February GMT
PM's call for governors to be handed total control over how they run jails and autonomy over budgets.
22-year-old wants to be PCC 01:00, 9th February GMT
Former member of staff thinks he will be the youngest candidate in the country.
Policing badger cull cost Avon and Somerset force £555,514 last year 06:00, 9th February GMT
Police say they balance the rights of protesters with the rights of the wider community to go about their lives as normal.
Lincolnshire PCC decides against attempting re-election 12:09, 8th February GMT
Alan Hardwick came to national attention on numerous occasions.