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Uniformed Patrol Officers

After a constable has completed their initial Police training they are assigned to a particular Division and a particular Police station within the force area, where the new constable will learn the practical skills that are required to be an effective police officer.

Probationary officers are normally assigned to a tutor constable who will help guide and teach the new officer how to deal with different situations and how to process the necessary paperwork.

Patrol officers are normally the first on the scene at incidents, which can include serious assaults, neighbour disputes, accidents, fires, sudden deaths or murders.

Patrol officers provide a 24-hour service and therefore the job entails working early, late and night shifts. The times can differ between forces, although they are generally similar to what is shown below.

Typical Shifts Worked

Early Shift: 7 AM to 3 PM

Late Shift: 3 PM to 11 PM

Night Shift: 11 PM to 7 AM

Patrol officers often do the initial crime investigation and the taking of statements for crimes, even serious crimes, although serious crimes may then be handed over to officers in the Criminal Investigation Department to investigate further.

Uniformed officers also assist with crowd control at football matches, parades and marches, searches, or door-to-door enquiries during large-scale investigations.

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