Scottish Police Entrance Test

The Standard Entrance Test covers 3 main areas: Language, Numbers and Information Handling. All candidates looking for a career in the police will be invited to sit the Standard Entrance Test.

How long does each paper take?

Candidates have 30 minutes to complete each paper. There are, therefore one-and-a-half hours of testing although the full session will take longer depending on the amount of time between papers and the administrative arrangements in the test centre.

On completion of the test, the papers will be marked and the candidates will be advised of theresults. The marking structure is as below.

Language - marked out of 40 and candidates must score 30 to pass
Number handling - marked out of 20 and candidates must score 13 to pass
Information handling - marked out of 24 and candidates must score 16 to pass

Scottish Police Sample Entrance Exam

All files are in .pdf Adobe Acrobat format. If you do not have this program you can download it from here.

Information Handling

Successful candidates will be invited to stay and complete the Assessment Centre that same day. Therefore successful candidates mayrequire to spend a full day at Police Headquarters.

Unsuccessful candidates will be advised to call in at a later date for a resit. Candidates are allowed three attempts at the Standard Entrance Test.

We recommend that you download the three question papers (language, numeracy and information handling) and test yourself in simulated exam conditions. You are allowed 30 minutes for each paper when sitting the real exam.

After you have sat the specimen exam, download the relevant answer papers and mark yourself, or get someone else to mark them for you. The pass mark for the real exam is as follows: Language - 75% Information Handling - 67% Numeracy - 65%.

Download Information Handling Questions  76 kb

Download Information Handling Answers  28 kb


Download Language Questions  38 kb

Download Language Answers  22 kb

Numbers    ** Try the Online Sample Exam **  

Download Number Questions  29 kb

Download Number Answers  12 kb

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