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Drink-drive officer resigns 23:00, 14th April GMT
Northumbria Police reiterates that it expects the highest standards as officer is banned from driving and fined.
Tributes following Federation official's death 23:00, 14th April GMT
Colleagues pay tribute to former secretary of constables' branch board who died suddenly.
Target culture 'is leading to officer losses' 23:00, 14th April GMT
Police Service is taking a hammering amid continuing culture of numerical goals, says academic.
Deputy 'to become first chief for two years' 23:00, 14th April GMT
Cumbria Deputy Chief Constable Jerry Graham is poised to take the helm at the force.
Performance issues identified in strip-search Taser use 23:00, 14th April GMT
Officers' use of less-lethal weapon in custody cells justified but watchdog raises concerns over performance procedures.
'Primitive' information transfer could impact police deployment 23:00, 14th April GMT
Dated telephone transfer of incident data between emergency service control rooms is causing unnecessary delays and potential for error.
Detective praised for dedication to sex abuse victims 23:00, 14th April GMT
Officer praised for building difficult cases with vulnerable victims through his calm, patient and supportive manner.
Public order: Lead moves to address HMIs' concerns 23:00, 14th April GMT
Justine Curran reveals that workshop will be held to discuss issues raised in Strategic Policing Requirement report.
Police officers acquitted of rape 23:00, 14th April GMT
Greater Manchester Police officers relieved at being cleared of rape.
Drink-drive PC: Career hangs in balance 23:00, 14th April GMT
Officer faces disciplinary action after second drink-drive offence, force confirms.