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Tour de France followed with real-time mapping 16:28, 28th August GMT
As the county hosted the yearly cycle race, it used a system that informed how the roads policing resources were deployed.
Rapid facial recognition trial begins 16:21, 28th August GMT
Leicestershire Police is the first force in the UK to test new facial recognition software that could transform the way criminals are tracked down.
Officers 'disprove victim rather than record crime' 13:39, 28th August GMT
HMIC crime data report reveals public protection officers have "unacceptable disregard" for victims over crime recording.
Sexual assaults: PC handed custodial term 13:43, 28th August GMT
Former Humberside officer sentenced to three years in prison having already served custodial term.
Police pay should reflect dangerous job 10:05, 28th August GMT
Despite a one per cent pay rise for officers, real time pay continues to decline and officers should not be expected to do the same job for less money, writes Royston Martis.
Shaun Wright resigns from Labour but remains PCC 07:54, 28th August GMT
Former cabinet member for children's services at Rotherham Council defies public pressure to leave post in wake of damning report.
Law Q&A: Urinating in a street 07:48, 28th August GMT
David Pickover considers what crime has been committed if an officer spots and individual urinating in the street.
Crime figures: Fed voices fresh concerns 08:00, 28th August GMT
Government must have accurate data to make informed decisions over police resourcing and training, says staff association lead.
Ebola: Custody staff should be vigilant, says Fed 07:31, 28th August GMT
Public Health England says triage system is available after Police Federation's lead on custody says virus poses potential risk.
One chief plan: PCC and Fed hit out 07:30, 28th August GMT
Views in Warwickshire about single leadership for two forces differ from those in West Mercia.