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Analysts: 'Urgent reform of PCC legislation needed' 07:09, 28th August GMT
Increased checks and balances on the elected office are now required, it has been claimed.
Legislation confusion led to 'crime recording errors' 07:02, 29th August GMT
Analysis of crime data integrity within 21 forces reveals lack of knowledge about the law while workload pressures contributed to errors.
Rotherham scandal: National lead pledges action 07:14, 29th August GMT
Promises that failings identified in scathing report will be addressed by national plan as force insists it has improved responses to child sexual exploitation.
Fears raised over public order command resilience 06:57, 29th August GMT
Beleaguered inspectors are less likely to volunteer for extra duties in future, says Fed.
Tour de France followed with real-time mapping 16:28, 28th August GMT
As the county hosted the yearly cycle race, it used a system that informed how the roads policing resources were deployed.
Rapid facial recognition trial begins 16:21, 28th August GMT
Leicestershire Police is the first force in the UK to test new facial recognition software that could transform the way criminals are tracked down.
Officers 'disprove victim rather than record crime' 13:39, 28th August GMT
HMIC crime data report reveals public protection officers have "unacceptable disregard" for victims over crime recording.
Sexual assaults: PC handed custodial term 13:43, 28th August GMT
Former Humberside officer sentenced to three years in prison having already served custodial term.
Public order CS spray use: Compensation paid 07:21, 29th August GMT
Met also apologises for using the substance on six members of the public in anti-tax avoidance event.
Serious disorder 'highlights need for more resilience' 07:17, 29th August GMT
Volatile public order situation demonstrates need for ranks to be bolstered as a matter of priority, says Fed.