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ACPO President to retire 08:50, 19th October GMT
Former PSNI chief constable announces decision to stand down at the end of the year as new body is created to replace ACPO.
Terrorism: Suspects 'acquired gun and officer pictures' 13:44, 17th October GMT
Suspects charged with terrorist related offences alleged to have pictures of officers and staff.
Durham chief receives QPM 08:19, 19th October GMT
Chief Constable Mike Barton received the accolade and cited as delivering a "massive vote of confidence" in his force.
Politicians suggest draft bill to remove PCCs 07:58, 18th October GMT
Cross party committee recommends a draft bill to recall PCCs after calling for greater accountability of public officials.
Man jailed for 'significantly wounding' officer 13:11, 17th October GMT
Sergeant suffered serious wound after man bit his hand as he was being booked into custody.
Minister: Wildlife crime stats should be reformed 12:04, 17th October GMT
Statement follows highlighting paucity of offences recording in official figures.
Ferocious fire rescue: Officers saved man's life 08:38, 18th October GMT
Award for two courageous PCs who attended 'Die Hard-style' blaze at petrol station after man set himself alight.
Two brave officers fend off knife attack 08:20, 19th October GMT
Man turned weapon on PCs after they tried to save his life when he pushed blade into his stomach.
OSPRE 1: Constable to Sergeant Week 4 10:00, 17th October GMT
In the fourth week of the series we look at the first three chapters from Blackstone's General Police Duties manual; The Policing Family, Complaints and Misconduct and Unsatisfactory Performance and Attendance.
Sergeant who tackled knifeman wins Police Bravery Award 07:31, 17th October GMT
'I was focused on staying alive,' says Met officer who heroically wrestled samurai-wielding suspect to the ground.