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Former PCSO sentenced over selling info to newspaper 11:10, 22nd September GMT
49-year-old escapes prison for leaking information about high profile arrest.
Wildlife crime: Researchers on cusp of major breakthrough 07:07, 22nd September GMT
New forensic technique for gathering fingerprints from wild birds' eggs could be crucial for bringing prosecutions.
Restricted duties: Guidance will define pay reduction levels 06:44, 22nd September GMT
What 'restricted duties' actually means and how pay reductions could be calculated for officers will be set out after Home Office consultation.
Specials officers association set for massive expansion 07:04, 22nd September GMT
Members of ASCCO have sought to increase the scope of the roles covered by the organisation.
Officer's pool rescue earns special award 07:00, 20th September GMT
Sergeant attributes long career in policing for equipping him the skills that rescued a child trapped underwater by her hair.
Fed: Budget cuts 'a grave crisis' 06:54, 22nd September GMT
Force is already having to do "Houdini tricks" to deliver frontline policing, says chairman.
Force hopes to develop 'future of national policing' 06:49, 22nd September GMT
Northamptonshire PCC outlines ambitious plan which he wants backed up by academic evidence.
Chief: Returning Jihadi issue 'will last for years' 07:02, 22nd September GMT
Officers need to be aware that some fighters who have been active in war-torn countries will present continuing threat, says chief.
Emergency exit simulator for NPAS crews 07:00, 21st September GMT
New device being moved around England and Wales as part of rolling training programme.
Child abuse: NCA refers command to IPCC 15:09, 19th September GMT
CEOP, which later became part of the NCA, was found not to have acted on information passed on from Interpol.