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Force reviews PACE processes 23:00, 24th April GMT
Greater Manchester Police commits to addressing failings after statistics show measuring errors.
Football clubs 'should pay to secure rest days' 23:00, 24th April GMT
Clubs must put their hands in their pockets to ensure officers can take time off, says Fed official.
Code of Ethics lands on chiefs' desks 23:00, 23rd April GMT
The College of Policing Code of Ethics for officers and police staff has been sent to forces.
Obscene texts: Officer pleads guilty 23:00, 23rd April GMT
Metropolitan Police officer admits sharing obscene images with colleagues.
Mainland officers 'ready for Northern Ireland mobilisation' 23:00, 24th April GMT
Situation in the province is being monitored and personnel are prepared to deploy if the need arises, says ACPO officer.
Chief to police critics: 'Tone down the name calling' 23:00, 24th April GMT
Senior leader calls on press and politicians to restore a sense of balance to debate over the Police Service.
The convincing case for overtime 23:00, 23rd April GMT
Making money available for the unexpected is a prudent business practice, says Royston Martis.
Officer vows to continue policing despite Parkinson's 23:00, 23rd April GMT
Debilitating diagnosis has not stopped a Gwent Police officer achieving his ambitions and continuing his policing career.
Force 'will delete images on paedophile's laptop' 23:00, 22nd April GMT
Dorset Police will now remove the images of a victim from a sex offender's computer.
Met 'whistleblower' faces misconduct probe 23:00, 22nd April GMT
The Metropolitan Police will investigate PC James Patrick over breaches of media policy.