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Police savings and a case for force mergers 09:53, 24th July GMT
As forces embark on the ultimate challenge of slicing more from their budgets, Royton Martis sets out the case for force mergers.
Sealed investigations proposal is 'sledgehammer to crack nut' 06:00, 24th July GMT
Secret probes proposal by Theresa May criticised by analysts and Fed officials.
Latest roads policing digest published 16:37, 23rd July GMT
Police pursuits and cuts to budgets continue to dominate the agenda in this specialist area.
Detectives 'ignoring social media' risk damaging investigations 06:00, 24th July GMT
Investigators must explore all available social media intelligence streams to help strengthen the viability of a case.
Met ordered to pay thousands to rapists' victims 06:00, 24th July GMT
Women sexually assaulted by John Worboys successfully sue force after claiming police treatment breached their human rights.
Final farewell to 'loyal and respected' PCC 16:02, 23rd July GMT
Officers, community leaders and members of the public celebrate the life of "a warm and wonderful man".
Fast track inspectors about 'quality not quantity' 06:00, 24th July GMT
Huge number of applicants rejected and even more will be weeded out.
Police authority 'still the right form of oversight' 06:00, 24th July GMT
Whitehall paper says that the BTPA should remain as governor of British Transport Police.
New data system 'will inform pursuit policies' 13:26, 23rd July GMT
National initiative is collating information from all police pursuits and using it to enhance policies for drivers.
Law Q&A: Elements of a crime 06:00, 24th July GMT
David Pickover goes back to basics and examines the components that make up offences.