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Shaun Wright resigns from Labour but remains PCC 07:54, 28th August GMT
Former head of children's services at Rotherham Council defies public pressure to leave post in wake of damning report.
Law Q&A: Urinating in a street 07:48, 28th August GMT
David Pickover considers what crime has been committed if an officer spots and individual urinating in the street.
Ebola: Custody staff should be vigilant, says Fed 07:31, 28th August GMT
Public Health England says triage system is available after Police Federation's lead on custody says virus poses potential risk.
One chief plan: PCC and Fed hit out 07:30, 28th August GMT
Views in Warwickshire about single leadership for two forces differ from those in West Mercia.
Ethics committees 'must take account of operational reality' 07:42, 28th August GMT
Following the advent of ethics committees, designed to offer an impartial view of certain aspects of policing, Nick Alatti examines the practicalities behind such an initiative, and how they could act as a "critical friend".
Historic Bramshill sold to residential developers 07:34, 28th August GMT
Home Office confirms sale of Jacobean mansion and extensive park to specialist developers.
Direct entry: Force with least applications spent thousands 07:25, 28th August GMT
Research by reveals the true cost of introducing controversial senior recruitment initiative.
Force rolls out 'science-based' operational policing tactic 07:32, 28th August GMT
Growth of evidence-based predictive policing continues as force reveals technique contributed to drop in house burglaries.
PCC 'surprised' to be referred to prosecutors 14:24, 27th August GMT
IPCC has passed information on Bedfordshire's Olly Martins on to Crown Prosecution Service.
Latest custody digest published 12:41, 27th August GMT
Charging drunken revellers for custody and potential changes to PACE are highlighted in the latest edition.