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Truck driver 'told to drive bomb to police station' 10:01, 21st August GMT
Terrified man was confronted by masked men, who loaded a device onto his vehicle, say senior officers.
Secondary skills decline: Concern mounts 07:32, 21st August GMT
Under-pressure officers are now less likely to volunteer for additional duties, claim analysts.
'No crime' rape reports: Personnel relocated 06:49, 20th August GMT
As force announces professional standards probe into 11 'no crimed' rape reports, those involved in incidents have been moved to other duties.
PCC rubber stamps offender tracker package 06:52, 20th August GMT
Dozens more Buddi devices will be rolled out following highly successful pilot, says elected commissioner.
Social media: 'Officers must be held to account' 06:42, 21st August GMT
Belief that off-duty personnel are immune to professional standards probes is a fallacy, says national lead.
Latest technology digest published 15:50, 20th August GMT
Body worn video, blue light integration and digital forensics all feature in the latest issue.
PCC by-election: Polls open in West Midlands 06:55, 21st August GMT
Four candidates standing in force area after vote triggered by death of previous incumbent Bob Jones.
Discreet domestic abuse technology 'improves police response' 14:11, 20th August GMT
A device that immediately alerts officers to live incidents of domestic abuse has cut response times and improved victims' fear perceptions.
Leaving the Job: A guide to interviews 07:00, 21st August GMT
Former officer Peter Kelleher introduces a process to help those leaving the Police Service find a new line of work.
Data retention, legislation and public confidence 06:58, 21st August GMT
Writing exclusively for, lawyer Simon McKay examines the implications of the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act - and its potential effect on public confidence.