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These books will provide you with hints and tips on how to get the best deals at low prices in a Police Auction.

Buying Bargains at Property Auctions.

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Auction Theory

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The Law of Auctions and Exchanges

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The Insider's Guide to Auctions

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Auctions

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Net User's Guide to Buying, Selling, and Trading Collectibles

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Online Auctions! I Didn't Know You Could Do That

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Starting an EBay Business for Dummies

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In the News
Roads policing lead: Addressing cuts 'a priority' 08:20, 17th September GMT
Enforcement is suffering because of funding reductions, says newly elected Federation portfolio chair.
Policing: Aspiring to a longer term view 04:11, 17th September GMT
A short-sighted approach - and focusing solely on the here and now - does nobody any favours, says Dennis Weeks.
Fraud investigations dwarf number of reported cases 06:51, 17th September GMT
Calls for more funding to combat white collar crime as government weighs up whether to introduce new law to hold corporations to account.
DNA investigators 'close to solving cold case' 06:47, 17th September GMT
Detectives believe forensic techniques may enable them to finally identify remains of woman found at sea over three decades ago.
PCC legislation must be 'repaired or redrawn' 04:21, 17th September GMT
Analysts and PCCs themselves say legislation setting out election protocols and ability to remove a PCC from office needs to be repaired.
Specials 'should be paid annual bounty' 04:30, 17th September GMT
Force should follow Territorial Army model to retain highest quality candidates, says PCC.
Officer assaults: 'Cultural changes needed' 04:15, 17th September GMT
Systems to identify scale of the problem must be established – and a zero tolerance approach to attacks adopted, say Fed officials.
Force appoints experienced deputy 13:34, 16th September GMT
Drew Harris will join Chief Constable George Hamilton at the head of the PSNI senior leadership team.
Roads policing: MIB extends helpline hours 08:26, 16th September GMT
Initiative extended as pilot demonstrates value in taking uninsured drivers off the road.
Fatal RTCs: Enforcement campaign stepped up 10:55, 16th September GMT
Officers will no longer have discretionary powers in dealing with core offences, says force senior leadership team.