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These books will provide you with hints and tips on how to get the best deals at low prices in a Police Auction.

Buying Bargains at Property Auctions.

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Auction Theory

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The Law of Auctions and Exchanges

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The Insider's Guide to Auctions

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The Complete Idiot's Guide to Online Auctions

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Net User's Guide to Buying, Selling, and Trading Collectibles

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Online Auctions! I Didn't Know You Could Do That

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Starting an EBay Business for Dummies

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In the News
Officer summonsed over restraint 'assault' 14:26, 19th August GMT
PC based in London says he acted in self-defence and did not use excessive force.
IPCC investigating death of man following detention 14:24, 19th August GMT
34-year-old became unwell following contact with police in Rugby.
Sophisticated forensic technology a 'game changer' for policing 07:26, 19th August GMT
Investment in software that can aggregate vast amounts of mobile data allows officers to use sophisticated extraction tool for crime investigations.
Police media relationships 'must stand up to scrutiny' 07:43, 18th August GMT
Guidance on relationships with media stresses scrutiny and transparency as furore ignites over BBC filming search on Cliff Richard's home.
Charity's attack on remand figures 'misguided' 07:21, 19th August GMT
Howard League for Penal Reform's Freedom of Information request reveals tens of thousands are 'needlessly' remanded in custody each year.
Police leaders 'in denial' over staff stress levels 05:30, 19th August GMT
Survey reveals that morale among staff is plummeting as stress levels increase amid claims that senior leaders are ignoring issue.
Police officer health services: 'Cuts went too far' 05:24, 19th August GMT
Elected commissioner admits that budget cuts to occupational health went too far, and stress and depression sickness levels are "worryingly high".
Reform: 'Fed on course', says chairman 13:47, 18th August GMT
Steve White maintains "a line in the sand" has been drawn and progress is being made on Normington recommendations.
Scottish crime figures: 'Not up to standard' 07:17, 19th August GMT
Statistics authority investigating all UK forces in light of England and Wales issues.
Reporter who outed police blogger cautioned 12:52, 18th August GMT
Newspaper claimed it had unmasked 'NightJack' via legal means - but his identity was later found to have been revealed via hacking.