How to join the Police

Here you will find information on how to join the UK Police Service.

Joining the UK Police Service has many benefits. With an attractive starting salary, professional training and many career opportunities, the Police Service offers a valuable and rewarding career.

Being a Police Officer is not always easy, and can be very challenging. If you have always though about joining the Police Service and were not sure how to go about it. Then here are Police Information we can help guide you through the application and recruitment process.

We provide information to assist you in making the application process easier to understand and you can even get the views of serving Police Officers by visiting our discussion forum. If the Police Service is the career for you then let Police Information help you to help yourself and make a successful career in the Police Service become reality.

Police Recruitment specialises in providing skilled staff to UK Police Forces, supplying experienced former police officers nationwide whether on a Part-time, Contract, Full-time or Permanent basis.

In the News
UN peacekeeping role informing English detective's work 08:00, 24th January GMT
Northamptonshire Police officer brought back lessons on organised crime and terrorism from Iraq.
Pair stripped of firearms duties after killing deer 14:47, 23rd January GMT
Durham officers had attempted to put injured animal down so that it did not suffer further, but did not follow correct procedures.
Axe hangs over BTP in Scotland 14:54, 23rd January GMT
New devolution legislation looks set to hand over railway force to regular national one, but there are huge uncertainties for all involved according to the Fed.
Volunteers crack down on speeding drivers 08:00, 24th January GMT
Unique initiative will see volunteers reporting motorists who break the speed limit to police.
Former police pup stars in BBC documentary 08:00, 25th January GMT
Cooper was trained by Avon and Somerset Police before entering the showbiz world.
OSPRE Part 1 Constable to Sergeant Week 16 09:36, 23rd January GMT
Our chapters this week are the last three chapters in the Crime Syllabus Blackstone's. The first chapter is Chapter 16 Criminal Damage, the second chapter is Chapter 17 Offences Against the Administration of Justice and Public Interest, and the last chapter is Chapter 18 Offences Arising from Immigration, Asylum and People Exploitation.
The last bastion of free speech 06:00, 23rd January GMT
Policing comedian Alfie Moore casts an eye over the events of the past month and asks whether comedy is the antidote to tragedy.
Force welcomes call for more ethnic minority officers 06:00, 23rd January GMT
Single national force is an opportunity to improve representation of black and other minorities within policing, says HMICS.
Met officers owed half a million rest days 06:00, 23rd January GMT
Force is still trying to resolve the issue of rest days owed as a result of restrictions during the Olympics and other operations.
'Scandalous' cost of living threat to officer welfare 06:00, 23rd January GMT
Officer on brink of homelessness was helped but many more are suffering under the strain of huge rental costs, a charity has warned.